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Troxel Insurance


Property and Casualty Insurance

We offer a variety of companies to cover the risks of owning property.  Auto insurance is a big part of our business as is home owners insurance.  For auto insurance we use companies like Battle Creek Mutual, Grinnell Mutual, AAA, Dairyland, Safeco, and Progressive.

For homeowners and renters insurance we offer several companies like Safeco, BattleCreek Mutual, and Norfolk Mutual.

We have companies that cover motorcycles, ATV's and boats.  We use Progressive and Dairyland along with some of the homeowner coverages that will add these right on a home policy.  We even offer Hagerty Insurance to cover collector and classic cars, boats, and motorcycles.

At Troxel Insurance we can also write commercial insurance coverage along with workers compensation.  We offer stable companies like Travelers, Grinnell Mutual, Hartford, and Progressive to cover risks involved with almost every commercial risk.  Troxel Insurance also provides group benefits like health and dental coverage for employers and employees.

We offer farm and ranch insurance and Tracy and Tim are both very familiar with what goes on in the country.  We have several of the best insurers in the industry at work protecting the livelihood of our farmers and ranchers.  Troxel Insurance can cover the smallest hobby farm up to the biggest farms and ranches in the state.  Even commercial and custom farm operations and big feedlots aren't a problem for us.  You can be sure that if you have Troxel Insurance working on your farm or ranch, you have the best.  Our farm companies are Battle Creek Mutual, Norfolk Mutual, and Chubb.

Many companies offer package discounts for having your home, auto, and/or other policies with the same company.  Some companies are cheaper on different coverages than others.  For instance, if you want just liability insurance on your vehicles Company A might be cheaper than company B, but if you want full coverage Company B might be cheaper.  We are familiar with our different companies and can get you the coverage you want at the best price.  This is a service that an agency offering just one company can't provide.

Personal Lines

Troxel Insurance also handles personal lines like health, long term care, life insurance, investment, and estate planning.  A lot of cases are handled in-house but specialists are also available to handle bigger or more sensitive cases.  We are a licensed agent for Blue Cross/Blue Shield for health and have options for several different companies for life.